After women celebrate Ross Lynch for choosing a Black woman to date and calling him powerful, people argue on the video that has now gone viral.

Ross Lynch was a lead vocalist for the band R5, and is well known for his show “Austin & Ally” on Disney channel.

He made a debut on the red carpet with Jaz Sinclair, an actress who plays Angela on the show “Paper Towns” and other shows.

The two are co-stars on the show CAOS.

When people found out the two were dating, people on Twitter started celebrating that he’s dating a Black Woman.

The post popular posts have reached more than 2million people, with more than 300,000 engagement.

Here are some of the posts:

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People started arguing with the girl, and many other women who were happy to see him with a black woman,Β 

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:34 am

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