People are saying T.I Photoshopped his D*ckprint into gray sweatpants on a photo

A picture of T.I and a friend was recently posted. T.I was in gray sweatpants. People are saying he photoshopped his Dickprint into the sweatpants.

A picture of T.I that his friend posted on his page started going viral, after people noticed the sweatpants T.I was wearing had an unusual bump. People started to praise him for having a huge penis.

Though others pointed out that it may be an iPad, phone or a gun/strap of some sort, the majority kept saying that it couldn’t be, because of the positioning, and had to be his penis.

There are now people saying that he had to have photoshopped it if it is, because in the past some nudes of him were released, and people are saying there’s no way that could be his penis because it wasn’t big in those nudes.

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Here’s the photo:

Here are some of the comments on the page,

When Hideoki Bespoke shared the post, it went viral almost immediately. Compared to his other posts on his page which only receive around 20 likes on average, this post reached more than 1,200 in a day, and comments rained in. T.I Shared the post from his friend two days after his friend posted it and got similar comments on his own page on the shared photo.

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People started sharing old naked pictures of T.I with a bath towel in his hand on different social network which we obviously can’t post here, and started saying it’s impossible that it’s his penis, it either has to be photoshopped or an ipad/or phone.

People are saying he shared the post 2 days later after he saw the comments of how many people were praising him.


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