The Observer held an interview with Brunton, the man who accused George Takei of Sexual Assault.

I asked him to clarify the issue. “Did he touch your genitals?”

“You know…probably…” Brunton replied after some hesitation. “He was clearly on his way to…to…to going somewhere.”

We shared a pause.

“So… you don’t remember him touching your genitals?”

Brunton confessed that he did not remember any touching.

But Brunton said he still remembers George Taking his pants of while he was drunk.

He had previously said: “I know unequivocally he spiked my drink,, It takes a lot more than two drinks to put me out.”

But doctor, Lewis Nelson,  the director of medical toxicology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School said:

“The most likely cause [of Brunton’s dizziness] is not drug-related, It sounds like postural hypotension [the dizzy feeling from standing up too quickly], exacerbated by alcohol.”

Doctors said that there weren’t drugs at the time that would temporarily render someone dizzy and then able to drive home minutes later after being spiked, as Brunton mentioned after the incident he drove home despite George telling him he was too drunk to drive.

“I thought it was just I was drunk. I didn’t even start thinking that until years later when they started talking about date rape drugs. And, then Cosby and all.” Brunton said.

He then said

“He was 20 years older than me & short. And I wasn’t attracted to Asian men…I was a hot, surfer, California boy type, that he probably could have only gotten had he bought, paid.”

Investigators say they waited for more people to come forward as they usually do in cases like this, but no one else came forward since the initial accusation.

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Updated: May 29, 2018 — 11:19 pm

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