After a report that stated that Trump is giving up on the Black female vote to focus more on black men, black men have been getting backlash on social media after numbers show black male support now at 24%.

According to statistics, in 2016 black support for Trump was at 7%. The number reportedly more than tripled recently to 24% according to polls from NBCnews and WSJ.

Support from Black Women for Trump remains at a low 6%. The 24% support from black men brings the overall black support from 2016 from 7% to 14% in 2020.

According to reports, Congresswoman Karen Bass stated that Trump has decided to give up on the black female vote and focus more on the black male vote because he feels he’ll be able to get followers there.

This has led to some posts on social media calling black men the “weak link” that Trump is able to convince. 

Some people actually argued in the comments as to why they may support Trump:

A post from NFL player Lamar Jackson a few days aho further fueled support:

Policy analyst Stewart J. Lawrence stated in a piece titled: Why Trump’s gains with black voters could swing the 2020 election:

How much support can Trump actually gain in 2020? It’s not clear. But it’s important to note African American men are far more likely than women to gravitate toward Trump. Past voting numbers bear this out. In 2016, Trump earned 11 percent support from African American men compared to just 4 percent from women. African American women seem to retain a deep underlying hostility toward Republicans generally, and white male Republicans like Trump especially. That may not change.

He told VOX:

“Trump is a genuinely ‘aspirational’ figure for some African American men — in fact, quite a few, higher than has been reported, I think. I did quite a few informal interviews before the 2016 election and [was] surprised to see how far this went — but perhaps less surprising against a female Democratic candidate.”

“Trump’s business success, his ‘gangsta’ personal style, and his close association with black male celebrities as well as some of his policies (America First, staying out of foreign wars and investing at home) [have] created a real affinity.”

Kanye West and other celebrities stating that they will be voting for Trump also adds fuel.

Updated: May 4, 2020 — 7:47 pm

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