Jacob Blake’s parents are actually apologizing to Trump, currently praising him, which has people fuming.

A tragedy recently occured where we almost lost another black man.

Jacob Blake’s parents, in an interview with CNN were offering sympathy forgiveness and kindness to Trump.

Blake’s mother went as far as to apologize to Trump because one of Blake’s family members condemned him and the way his words and actions added on to the racism in America, and insulted him.

She stated that Trump tried to call them, and since they missed his call he said unking things about them on the news.

She stated that she forgives him for those comments, isn’t mad, and actually respects him as a leader of the country.

Here’s the video, it starts at 1:20 if you’d like to skip there:

They’re also continuously telling people to do things calmly, and speaking about forgiveness in a lot of interviews.

People are saying the media is going to use these videos and interviews to push agendas about how black people are “supposed to act”.

Protestors are also angry that there’s always talk of forgiveness, and this time it went to far praise, respect, and an apology.

Updated: August 26, 2020 — 5:45 pm

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