A pedophile was arrested after calling the police on himself after he saw a fake FBI Warning popup ad that accuses random people of having child porn. The pop-up ad is a common ransomware that can popup on any website that has popup ads, but randomly and coincidentally popped up for him as he was browsing, sending him into a panic.

The Bartonville Police Department arrested a 27-year-old man on child porn charges Wednesday.

John Niemeyer was watching child pornography when a random fake FBI ad popped up.

The fake FBI ads pop up on random websites that have redirecting ads, and not just necessarily pornographic or child porn websites on the dark web. They’re a ransomware popup that shocks you into clicking them. When clicked, some either demand you pay a fine and the charge will go away, others send a virus into your device that holds your device hostage where you’re unable to click or do anything, until it steals your information, or force you into paying a fine as well.

The ads may look like this:

Niemeyer didn’t actually call the police for the child porn, but called them because the ad sent him into an extreme panic attack, where he slit his wrists in trying to commit suicide, then called the police for medical help at 7:30am on Wednesday.

When they arrived he told them what caused him into a panic attack.

Without the police (nor the FBI) knowing anything at all, he admitted everything when they came to administer medical help.

He told them he was watching child porn when he saw the “FBI” warning, and confessed to everything.

The fake FBI warning, again, pops up on random websites including non-pornographic ones as well, but that day it coincidentally popped up while Niemeyer was watching child porn.

Officers did a forensic scan of the phone confirming there was child pornography on it, and then arrested him.

A court date has not yet been set.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:43 pm

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