A famous pastor is currently begging churchgoers to give $250,000 for church repairs.

Pastor John Gray told churchgoers that God has given them an assignment, saying that the building they’re in is not a paid off building.

He gave a speech to the churchgoers saying that he had taken the church over from pastor Ron Carpenter, and that the church had been millions of dollars in debt when he did.

Pastor John Gray was just recently criticized for living a very lavish lifestyle. So lavish he bought his wife a Lamborghini Urus for $200,000.

Here’s what he told the churchgoers in pleading for money for the church repairs.

“We didn’t take an easy assignment. If we wanted an easy assignment, we would start from scratch without millions of dollars in debt. We took the assignment because we knew God has given us the right people to build with. I believe the best days of Relentless Church are in front of it.”

“[Ron Carpenter] handed us keys. The keys were not to a paid off building, the keys were to an opportunity, an opportunity to continue the work. Nothing you see is paid off. It wasn’t paid off when we got here.”

The pastor then went on to say that he’s not pleading for money:

“This is not a plea for money, it’s a plea for partnership so we can be what we’re supposed to be.”.

A report from Greenville Online said:

“Gray broke down the church’s financial need on Feb. 10 by saying the roof repairs could be made if 2,500 people gave $100, or more than half could be raised if 500 people gave $300,”

He continued:

“The Holy Ghost said this to me so I’m going to speak it out, that there is severe weather coming to the region this spring because of all of the climate change and issues,” Gray said. “Whether you understand all the science behind it or not, or agree, I heard the Lord say, ‘I want you to make sure the house is covered so that when storms come people can come in here and be covered.’”

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:35 am

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