A palm reader convinced a woman that her child was possessed by a demon and convinced the woman to give her $70,000 so she could banish the demon.

37-year-old Tracey Milanovich was charged with six counts of obtaining property over $250 by trick, attempt to commit a crime, criminal harassment, larceny over $1,200 and intimidating a witness.

She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment on Monday, and her next court appearance date is on February 21st.

Police say through a business called “Tracy’s Psychic Palm Reader” Tracy convinced a client who came to see her that her daughter was possessed by an evil spirit demon.

Tracy told the woman she would need money to purchase items that would be used to banish the spirit from her daughter. 

Some of those items included household items, including towels and bedding,

Police say she swindled the woman out of $71,000 in total.

Tracy was arrested on December 27th. Police told the public if they fear they may have been victimized by Tracy to contact them with details, as they fear she may have more victims.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:38 am

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