An officer accidentally shot and killed one of his officer friends thinking he was shooting at a protester.

Calvin Nicholas Salyers, 33, had previously told a fellow officer that he’d shoot any protestor that came to his home.

The shooting happened on June 3rd, and Salyers made the statement around the time George Floyd was killed by an officer.

Salyers shot 36 year old Scott Hutton. When he realized what he had done he turned himself in.

State Police officials stated that Saline County officers arrives at the scene around 7:12 PM and found on the floor critically wounded.

He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The following day officials released a statement saying that the death was accidental. The department set up a GoFundMe to help the widow, and on that page they stated that Hutton died in the line of duty.

Salyers was accused of making the death threat comments to Sargeant Matt Wharton, according to Special Agent Ryan Jacks with the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division. Officials are unsure why Salyers thought protesters would show up to his home.

Jack’s stated:

“Sgt. Wharton told me that he instructed Officer Salyers that he could not do that because it was reckless and negligent” Jacks wrote in the arrest affi Wharton stated that they could not shoot anyone without identifying them first and identify(ing) that there was a threat.”

It’s reported that Hutton went to go retrieve a patrol vehicle that was parked in a metal building next to Salyers’ home. He called and texted but Salyers didn’t answer.

Salyers says he looked through the peephole and saw a dark figure with a gun at his side and decided to fire.

Updated: July 15, 2020 — 7:03 pm

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