NYU’s Asian Fraternity was suspended after their group chat messages leaked, showing racist texts about Black people and George Floyd’s death.

The black community doesn’t just have to deal with white supremacy, but often racism from other races and communities that claim POC solidarity.

NYU, the most popular University in New York City, and one of the top schools in the country, revealed that their Asian Fraternity, Chapter of the Lambda Phi Epsilon participated racist group chats where they called black people derogatory terms, and ironically, for such an “intelligent” school, had conversations about the myth of black on black crime and black people being lazy compared to Asians.

The comments come after George Floyd was murdered by a police when he kneeled on Floyd’s neck more more than 8 minutes.

Here are the screenshots:

Black people on Twitter are currently saying the black community has supported and stood up for the Asian community over the years, even through the racism they face from the Asian community, from the treatment they get in their shops, from being banned from buying products to start their own businesses in their own black neighborhoods and so on.

Black Twitter stated it wasn’t until recently more black people have decided to start focusing on themselves, because not only do other races not support them, but they constantly stand up for other races while they’re down.

In fact just to show you how fake people can be, one day before getting exposed their Chapter posted this on Twitter:

People called them out the very next day after the messages were leaked:

NYU released a statement:


Updated: June 1, 2020 — 11:26 pm

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