Video shows a black woman asking police sitting in their car for help as she’s being harassed, and they do nothing.

The NYPD is under fire for staying in their car after a woman begged them to step out and stop her from being harassed.

Video shows her trying to open the police door which they locked, refusing to step out.

Here’s the video:

The incident happened in Harlem New York, 116th street 7th avenue.

According to witnesses the woman called the police because she, and others were getting hit with water as they walked by.

The police arrived and men started pouring water on her.

Some people argue that she shouldn’t have called the police in the first place citing how the police treat black men, and it may have gotten dangerous.

Others are saying she had a right to call the police because the water they were throwing was hitting random people walking by on a street where it shouldn’t be happening.

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 6:29 am

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