Charles Barkley is now catching heat for saying people Should remember Kobe for his rape case along with his NBA career.

Multiple people have come forward after Kobe’s death to state that his rape case shouldn’t be forgotten.

Many of them caught a lot of backlash, some have even lost their jobs or became suspended after bringing up the 2003 allegations.

Charles Barkley is the latest to state that Kobe’s rape case should be brought up when speaking about him, and people should get the whole picture.

Barkley was interviewed ahead of the All-Star game in Chigaco this weekend and stated:

“You have to tell the picture in totality. We’re not making Kobe out to be no hero. We’re celebrating his basketball excellence. We understand what happened in Colorado. That’s fair, but two things can be true.”

He implied that we can’t really get mad at people for bringing it up.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar agreed, saying:

“We can love and respect Kobe without canonizing him as perfect… But it was the real Kobe, flaws and all, that we should love”

This comes a day after Snoop Dogg apologized to Gayle King for going off on her about her interview with Lisa Leslie, where she tried to get Lisa to speak on Kobe’s rape case.

Lisa said she felt Kobe wasn’t that type of person and she wouldn’t speak of him in that way, and that it should be left as it is.

Other celebrities like Ari Lenox and Lil Boosie also came for Gayle and others who spoke on Kobe’s allegations after his death. 

Although Barkley did catch a little backlash from a few fans, people are saying they’re waiting for the same backlash Gayle King received from celebrities and fans.

People are saying most of the people who get attacked for bringing up Kobe’s allegations are women, especially Black Women. 

Updated: February 14, 2020 — 11:38 am

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