Black Twitter laughs at Nicole TV after she becomes pregnant, remembering that she said black people shouldn’t have children out of wedlock.

This year Nicole TV made a post that had a lot of people arguing and offended.

She stated that the black community needs to break the cycle constantly having children out of wedlock.

A lot of people actually agreed with her, but people also argued that she was being very biased and the statistics she dropped left out of a lot of factors.

She’s now pregnant, and people are now laughing at the irony while others are still defending her point.

She’s also engaged, but people argue that the baby is still out of wedlock no matter the situation, because wedlock technically means you’re to get pregnant after you’re married, not before.

Here’s the post she made last year:

Here’s the post she made early this morning:

Here are the reactions:


Updated: October 16, 2020 — 2:24 pm

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