Nicki Minaj took to Queen Radio today to speak on the incident.

After the altercation, Nicki Minaj decided not to press charges. But on today’s episode of Queen Radio, she address Cardi B.

She calls Cardi B “disgusting pig”, and spoke about her the cheating rumor she says Cardi B sent “security guards” to go beat up two bartenders because she believes they were sleeping with Offset. She said:

“A woman cannot give your man pussy if he does not stick his dick in there, who are you mad at, sweetheart?”

She then proceeded to say Cardi B came into her culture.

“You came into my fxckin’ culture. I never had to fxck a DJ to play my songs!”

She also said she never talked about anyone’s child.

“I would never talk about someone’s child or parenting, it’s so crazy to me that people always need to make Onika the bad guy…
You knew that when that footage came out you was about to looking fxckin’ dumb.”

She also threatened Cardi B’s life.

You put your hands on certain people you gon die. PERIOD. I’m not the bxtches in the strip club and love and hip hop. My money is very fxcking long

And much more,

Updated: September 12, 2018 — 3:52 pm

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