Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were reported to have just had physical fight at the Bazaar Icon’s party.

Others who have attended have also reported that Nicki and Cardi fought.

Cardi B After the fight

Cardi putting herself together after the fight with Nicki.


It’s reported that Cardi B also threw her shoe at Nicki Minaj.


Reports say that Cardi B approached Nicki Minaj by saying “Let me tell you something”, as she approached Nicki Minaj, she then launched at Nicki, security held her back, and Cardi B removed one of her shoes while being help back and threw it at Nicki. Those who were there say Nicki did not Flinch, and was untouched, and remained very calm during the entire thing. Cardi B was escorted away by security, and left with one shoe one. Here is the show that was thrown

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Cardi B is reported to have a lump on her head.

Nicki Minaj leaving after the fight

Apparently Cardi B mentions that her daughter was being talked about and she heard them, which may be the reason for the altercation.

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Updated: October 30, 2019 — 10:58 pm

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