Multiple NFL sources report to CBS News that Jay Z becoming a part-owner of an NFL Team was completely false, and was just a rumor started for absolutely no reason, and Jay Z will not be owning a part of any NFL Team.

Jay Z recently announced a deal with the NFL and his company Roc Nation. TMZ later reported that Jay Z may become a significant owner of an NFL team, and has a handshake deal to be part owner.

CBS Sports now reports that multiple people connected to NFL ownership and the league office say that it’s completely false.

Sources say that the news first reported by TMZ was a baseless rumor and no plans are in place for Jay Z to become an NFL owner.

According to CBS sources also say that even the NFL offices were “Scurrying” to figure out who put the false information out there.

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People are now trying to figure out if the rumor was put out for a certain agenda, or as a way to try to save face because of the backlash.

One of the sources told CBS:

“Those kinds of deals don’t exist in the NFL, there is no ownership component to this arrangement”.

Others pointed out that the deal didn’t make sense in the first place, because teams already have people with significant ownerships, for Jay Z to be able to become part-owner/significant owner, or a number of lesser owners would all have to give up their seats for Jay Z, who once cheated on Beyoncé, to even be able to make a purchase.

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Previously, No Chill radio’s Bryan Michael Cox stated that last year Jay Z called Jermaine Dupri to tell him to cancel everything he had planned with the NFL. Jermaine Dupri then canceled the exact deal they’re currently offering Jay Z, and only worked with promotion leading up to the Superbowl, and stated that Jay Z is now taking the deal he told Jermaine Dupri not to take. Cox said he even called them to confirm if it was the same program being offered to Jay Z, they said it was the exact same thing.

Funk Master Flex recently took to Twitter to say he confirmed with Jermaine Dupri that Jay Z personally called Dupri, to tell him not to make a deal with the NFL

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Updated: August 21, 2019 — 10:28 pm

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