A new bill in Tennessee would allow fathers to prevent abortions.

A new bill has been introduced that would allow father’s to file a court junction and prevent mothers of an unborn child from having an abortion.

The bill was introduced by Senetor Mark Pody and Rep. Jerry Sexton, and states alleged fathers could “petition a court for an injunction to prohibit a woman who is pregnant with the person’s unborn child from obtaining an abortion.”

Both parties would appear in court 14 days after the motion is filed and present evidence for their case.

The father would also not require any DNA evidence/would not need to prove he is the father.

The bill states that all the father would need is a:

a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity that is not subject to being rescinded or challenged.

Meaning that at the hearing, all a man has to do is acknowledge he is the father, or there’s reasonable probability that he could be.

If the woman violates the injunction she may be held in criminal or civil contempt.

Updated: February 17, 2021 — 10:42 am

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