A new reality show called “My Age Gap Love” shows relationships between old men and underaged girls. People are accusing the show of romanticizing and promoting P**ophilia. One episode shows a 44-year-old man’s relationship with a 16-year-old girl. The man got close to the family when she was just a child, then “took their relationship to the next level” at 16.

“My Age Gap Love” is a reality show that’s getting a lot of criticism and heat.

It’s a show that shows old men with much younger girls.

Its teaser shows a couple that began their relationship when the girl was around 14-15, and the man was in his early 40s.

Andy, who’s now 47, and Beth, now 19, say they met when she was just a little girl.

Andy was Beth’s mother’s friend, and got very close to the family, he says.

In the video Andy says that as Beth grew older, she wanted to be with him so he gave their relationship a chance.

The video states that “Beth wanted to take their relationship to the next level” when she reached the age of 16.

The video shows that they have 2 children, one is 2, the other is 1, meaning that Andy got Beth pregnant when she was around 16-17.

Here’s the video:

People are currently showing anger and insulting the show for romanticizing and promoting these kinds of relationships.

The show is on Netflix.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:42 pm

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