A tape of R Kelly raping another underage girl has allegedly surfaced.

Attorney Michael Avenatti has submitted a VHS tape to law enforcement showing R Kelly having Sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Avenatti, who is representing a man he calls a whistleblower against Kelly, says he handed the tape to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in Chicago last weekend.

Avenatti said in a statement,

My client knows the identity of the girl and R. Kelly. He identified the two of them on the videotape. He worked for and has known R. Kelly for decades and he met the girl on a number of occasions

Other major news networks have seen the tape, and they describe what’s on the tape, also identifying the man in the video as R Kelly: It’s reported the tape is 42 minutes and 45 seconds, and is a very clear video (meaning all parties inside the video can be seen very clearly), and is explicit.

Through the video, you cannot tell the exact age of the girl by looking at her of course, but both the girl and the man in the video as well refer to the girl as

–14-year-old p*ssy.

The girl in the video refers to herself 6 times as “This 14 year old p*ssy”.

Similar to the video back in 2002 for this R Kelly was taken to court for, in this completely different brand new video, the man in the video asks the girl to urinate, and then urinates on her as well.

On 2/14/2019, he tweeted a full statement in regards to the matter:

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:58 pm

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