A new app lets people who are Beautiful trade their looks for free things, like free food, concert tickets, brand clothing, and more.

Neon Coat is an app that lets people who are beautiful sign up for free, and get free things from businesses that want exposure.

They get free access to things like free restaurant meals, concerts, fitness classes and beauty treatments.

Joey Bats Cafe Owner Joseph Batista who’s a business owner who signed up for the app to get exposure said Beautiful people come into his shop every day to claim two free pastries and a beverage:

“In exchange, they’ll hang around and share a story [on Instagram] about the space,”.

He says sharing/making a post isn’t mandatory either.

He said that just having attractive people sitting in his shop is very lucrative, saying:

“You see two attractive girls sitting in the window and guys are curious. [They’ll] grab a pastry and sit next to the models, hoping to strike up a conversation with them.”

Dan Berger, the founder of the app says that the app is to help beautiful people and models find a better and easier way to live and manage their own earnings. He says that the industry takes advantage of models and beautiful people. This app lets them manage their own lives and not depend on agencies, able to live off of schedule, and live with ease.

His business partner, and former model Larissa Drekonja says the app is a way to help underpaid and aspiring models get on their feet, saying:

“A model’s life is very lonely — you’re pretty, and people think you make millions of dollars,”

Beautiful people have been getting access to free clothes, free classes, getting their hair and nails done for free and much more.

35 year old model Dominyka Bernes posts her outings to free yoga classes and free restaurants twice a week to her 3000 followers on IG.

She and seven friends celebrated a free/paid in full birthday dinner at Cleo on Park Avenue South complete with octopus, branzino and wine for the table last month. She said:

It’s such a nice way of celebrating a birthday, and not shelling out hundreds of dollars,” said Bernes. “Only some models make the big bucks — the rest of us have to hustle.”

Updated: January 12, 2020 — 10:50 pm

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