Michael Cox says that Jay Z personally called Jermaine Dupri last year and told him not to take the same exact deal the NFL is now offering Jay Z, & Jermaine turned it down and only worked with entertainment events during the final weeks following up to the Super Bowl. and now, Jay Z has taken that deal. Jay-z says “we’re past kneeling” and tries to explain his reasoning.

Nas’ company threw shade at Jay Z for teaming up with the NFL, and announcing it with Goodell on the very anniversary of Kaep Kneeling. A few other celebrities threw shade at Jay Z as well.

Jay Z announced his multiyear partnership with the NFL through his company Roc Nation. Their goal, according to them, is to enhance the NFL’s live game experiences and to amplify the league’s social justice efforts.

Nas, who beefed with Jay Z for almost 2 decades from diss records to interviews, his company has taken to social network after finding out Jay Z partnered with the NFL and posted this:

Editor of The Nation, Sportswriter Dave Zirin also made a post about the situation:

Others also threw Shade at Jay Z, including Kaep himself:

Jay Z responded to the backlash he was getting yesterday by saying:

No Chill radio’s Bryan Michael Cox stated that last year Jay Z called Jermaine Dupri to tell him to cancel everything he had planned with the NFL. Jermaine Dupri then cancelled the exact deal they’re currently offering Jay Z, and only worked with promotion leading up to the Superbowl, and stated that Jay Z is now taking the deal he told Jermaine Dupri not to take. Cox said he even called them to confirm if it was the same program being offered to Jay Z, they said it was the exact same thing.

You can watch the show here, the topic on the NFL starts around 12:20, and the part he speaks about Jermaine Dupri starts around 14:40:

(Here’s a direct link to the timestampped video that will start at 12:50: Link)


Updated: August 18, 2019 — 8:05 am

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