A fundraiser organized by two Muslim groups have raised enough money to cover funeral costs for the victims of the Pittsburgh mass shooting.

11 people were killed in a deadly shooting in a Pittsburgh Synagogue on Saturday. Muslims everywhere were so hurt and empathetic, that two Muslim groups started a fundraiser for the victims, and the families of the victims.

LaunchGood was the crowdfunding platform used for the fundraiser. It’s a 5 year old Muslim centered platform for grassroot fundraising efforts. LaunchGood doesn’t display accounts, names, or photos of the donors, it keeps every donation anonymous, Linda Sarsour, the co-founder of MPower change told CBS in an interview on Monday said this is to reflect the belief in Islam that

“the right hand gives, the left hand doesn’t know. In Islam, the idea of charity is something to strengthen your relationship with God. It’s supposed to be something that’s secret. You’re not suppose to flaunt it.”

Sarsour continued to say,

“Initially it was intended to be a gesture of solidarity. We wanted to give more than just ‘thoughts and prayers.'”

Muslims all over the country donated to the funraiser. 3600 have donated in a matter of just over 48 hours. The money was coming in so fast that the organizers had to keep increasing the goal to reflect the amount of money that was coming in.

El Messidi, one of the organizers said

“Right now, because in Jewish tradition funerals happen right away, the priority is to help with funeral expenses,”

The organizers are currently transferring the money from Paypal to the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (ICP) for families of the victims at Tree of Life Congregation. The fundraiser has raised a total of $150,000.

Josh Sayles, director of the Jewish Federation’s community relations council, said in an interview,

“Pittsburgh is such a tight knit community and the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh are true friends of the Jewish community here, they have stepped up for us in countless ways. There’s few things keeping us going right now, but this is at the top of the list.”


Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:56 pm

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