Marshalla Perkins was arrested for possession of Marijuana.

She told reporters that she was sitting in her car waiting for friends, and officers came and searched her car and found 2 grams of marijuana. Later, Greenville police posted her mugshot on their facebook page, and it went viral.

In an interview with Worthstart Telegram, she said

“People were sending it to me asking, ‘Is this you?’ At the time I was embarrassed so I was like, ‘Nah, I don’t know who that is,’”

She said she was embarrassed at first, but now she’s seeing where it takes her.

One of her posts with the mugshot even made it up to 280,000 likes.

“Someone has reached out to me about starting my own makeup line. It’s crazy. My mind is blown, now it’s turned into something so positive so I’m just going to embrace it and see where it takes me.”

People all over are asking her for makeup tutorials, and to drop videos of her tutorials.

With that aside, it’s time to speak of the racism behind this mugshot as well, as noticed by her and countless people online.
A bunch of people noticed that she was arrested and a mugshot was taken for only 2 grams of weed. And a bunch of people, even in her area who never got any heat for it reacted, mostly all of them who spoke out are white.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 6:09 pm

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