Michael B Jordan has part of the internet laughing after his answer to a black love question.

Essense magazine asked the Cast of Creed to talk about Black Love, and what Black Love means to them.

Danielle Young asked Michael, “What do you love most about Black love?”. He responded saying:

Oh, I mean it’s…it’s Black love. It’s Black excellence. It’s me. It’s the love I know. So, umm. Love hard. Love passionately. Umm, and uhh…we ride for each other.”​

People used that GIF above and more to laugh as soon as they heard him say it, because he’s known around the internet and throug memes as not liking Black Women, and only dating White and Non-Black women.

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People posted these pictures of his dating history and appearances with women:


Saying “Wow he really love us”

Michael B Jordan was at a showing of his new movie “Creed 2”, the woman who asked the question was referencing the Black Love in the movie

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Here’s the video:

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Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:53 pm

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