Fans believe that Megan Thee Stallion and MoneyBagg Yo have broken up.

A lot of Megan fans weren’t happy she was dating MoneyBagg Yo in the first place saying she could do much better, but later accepted the two as a couple for the sake of Megan’s happiness.

For the past few weeks there were rumors that the couple have broken up.

Megan has also been leaving what fans believe to be hints of a breakup:

The rumor started with an IG post last week that claimed MoneyBagg cheated on Megan with a Stripper, and got her pregnant, but MoneyBagg replied addressed that pregnancy rumor today: 

In her NPR performance Megan said: “Sorry to my future Boo” in a verse, stirring the rumors even more.

Fans have pointed out other things about their situation:

Some fans say they heard rumors in the past in the Memphis area before this photo, and believe something about this photo may be the reason Megan dated him in the first place:

MoneyBagg Yo fans are telling him to keep his chin up.

Updated: October 30, 2019 — 12:30 pm

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