Marques Houston basically admits that he met his fiance Miya when she was underaged, but says they only started dating when he was an adult. This comes after Raz B molestation allegations resurface. He releases a full statement.

People started calling Marques Houston out recently for dating a 19 year old girl. He announced he was in a relationship with the girl a little while after she turned 18.

A lot of people stated that he knew the girl long before she turned 18 and started insulting him and calling him a ped*phile.

What was just a rumor just became confirmed after Marques himself took to IG to explain himself, and admitted he knew the girl before she became an adult.

People are now calling him a predator and a groomer for hanging out with the girl, but waiting until she turned 18 to date her.

This comes after old allegations of former B2K member Raz B going public and accusing Marques of molesting him.

At the time Raz B was made a laughing stock and ridiculed by people and the allegations died out.

Here’s the post Marques made on IG:


The comments are limited to his close friends.

According to Bossip the girl’s full name is Miyana Juanita Pinkney.

She appears to be a girl who went missing in 2016 after running away from home, she was 15 at the time.

Here’s the previous article written about Miya, Houston, and the Raz B allegations:

People are saying Raz B was right, and calling Marques Houston out for getting into a relationship with a girl who was allegedly 18 years old. They’re saying he’s known her long before she turned 18. And it gets even crazier that Chris Stokes is a father figure to the girl, and allegedly knew her since she was 14-15. Raz B had previously accused Chris Stokes and Marques of molesting him when he was younger.

Former B2K member Raz B and label-mate Quindon Tarver released a video years ago claiming that Marques Houston and manager producer Chris Stokes molested them.

The accusations havrls resurfaced after fans found out that Marques is now engaged to a girl who’s reportedly 19 years old.

Marques announced his relationship with the girl last year when she was allegedly 18 years old, just a few weeks after her birthday.

Fans claim that Marques knew the girl long before she turned 18.

People on social networks are now calling him a ped*phile, and Marques has since limited his comments on his Instagram account after being bombarded by insults.The girl also turned off her comments.

Here’s a post on Twitter that’s recently going viral:

According to a few of the comments, Stokes allegedly knew the girl from when she was 14-15 years old, and she lived with him for a few years while her mother had an APB out on her.

People are showing regret for how Raz B was treated when he came forward with the accusations:

Updated: June 17, 2020 — 8:56 pm

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