The man who was caught on camera trying to abduct a girl off the train was released, and explains on video what he says “really happened.”

A few days ago a video of a man carrying a woman off of a Bronx train went viral.

The woman screamed help as she was carried away.

The man in the video, identified as Sonny Alloway was later found and beaten by people on the neighborhood.

Alloway was arrested the next day for detained for Unlawful Iprisonment and police said they were investigating. Today he was released and claims that he wasn’t trying to kidnap the girl, but was trying to help her because she asked him to.

Here’s the original video of the attempted abduction:

Here’s the video where people found him and beat him:

Here’s the video of him now released, claiming that he was actually trying to help:


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:38 am

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