Kevin E. Jones was released from the Shawnee County Jail at 9 A.M on Sunday.

The Topeka Police Department say a citizen noticed their car missing from the jail parking lot at around 4 P.M and reported the car stolen. When the police checked the security cameras, they noticed that it was Kevin E. James who had been released that same morning.

Officers were then called to a completely different car break-in on 500 block of NE Grattan St. The owner of the vehicle and the neighbors managed to subdue the man and held him until police came.

The police found that the man they subdued was also Kevin E. Jones, stealing a different vehicle.

The original stolen car from the Jail parking lot was later located in the 700 block of SE Taylor around 7:15 p.m, and Kevin E. Jones was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle and criminal damage. The damage to the vehicle was estimated to be about $700.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:57 pm

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