A man who pretended to be in romantic relationships with multiple women on dating apps, got them to collectively give him $2.1million. He spent the money on Spas, Skin Care, trips, and other luxuries.

A New Jersey man is accused of scamming multiple women collectively out of a few million dollars.

Police say Rubbin Sarpong made his victims believe they were in romantic relationships with U.S soldiers who were overseas.

It’s reported that the dating scam started in January 2016, and stopped only this week, September 2019.

The police say he posted social media posts bragging about his wealth, which were used as evidence.

Police say the photo above is one of the dozens of photos that led them to investigate Rubbin.

It’s reported that Rubbin garnered $2.1 million dollars over the span of 3 years from 30 victims.

Women wired him large sums of money, some around $5,000, and one wired him as much as $28,000.

Videos he posted online show he went to different luxury spots like spas, vacations, high-end restaurants and more,

Rubbin also has a wife, and she didn’t say anything to defend him in court. Rubbin made his first appearance before a judge Wednesday in Camden.


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:00 am

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