A man returned $43,000 that he found in a random secondhand couch he bought.

A Michigan man bought a couch at a secondhand store and stumbled upon some money when he got home.

He easily could’ve kept the money and no one would ever know, but decided that he should track the family down and return it. 

Howard Kirby, the man who found the money, said he wouldn’t be able to keep a good conscience knowing how bad the family who lost the money would feel. 

He returned to the store and found out who sold the secondhand couch, and found out it was the Newberry family of Owosso.

Kirby stated:

“I know how it is to lose something and never get it back,”

Kirby said when he got home and sat on the couch with his daughter, the couch, which he bought for $70 didn’t feel right so they decided to investigate. When they took off the cushions they found the money laying there.

Kirby said:

“She opens it up and pulls it out and she says, ‘Dad, money,”

Kirby even fantasized about all the things the money could do for him:

“Everything just ran through my mind: Now i can pay off the house, I can get a roof on my house, and I can retire real good and everything,”

He even spoke to his lawyer. His lawyer stated that the money was now legally his, and there would be absolutely no repercussions if he decided to keep it.

But he finally decided that that’s not what Jesus would do:

“I’m a born again Christian, and what would Jesus do? Jesus would give it back to the rightful owner,”

He continued:

“I’ve heard about it happening before and i always thought, what would i do if i found that money? Now I know. Makes me feel good. I believe I’m doing the right thing.”

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:35 am

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