A former restaurant worker from Ozark Missouri was sentenced to probation a second time for rape.

Beau Gormley was sentenced to probation in 2016 for raping a 16-year-old girl in 2014.

Police say Gormley had sex with a 16-year-old underaged girl in the kitchen of a restaurant he owned, 3rd Street Pasta and Grill in Ozark.

The girl told the police that Gormley got on top of her and forced her to have sex with him.

Police say Gormley then changed the age on her application to make it seem like he thought she was older. The case went to trial in 2016 and Gormley was sentenced by Judge Laura Johnson, to participate in a 120-day sex offender program after he pleaded guilty in the statutory rape case. It’s reported that he got probation because he argued that the sex between him and the 16-year-old was consensual, despite him forging her age.

After the 120-day sex offender program he was released on probation.

One month after he was released from the sex offender program on probation, he raped a woman in Greene County.

The case went to trial in December 2018, and he was found guilty again, this time of second-degree rape by Judge Calvin Holden.

Assistant Greene County Prosecutor Elizabeth Fax asked Judge Calvin Holden to give him the maximum 7 years in prison, stating that this was not his first time,

Fax told the judge,

“This is not his first rodeo”

Gormley’s attorney Jason Coatney asked the judge for probation. He told the judge that when Gormely committed his second rape the month after he had been released that he had

“not yet begun his sex offender counseling.”

Coatney told the judge that it was only after the second rape that Gormley truly began his counseling, and that he raped the second woman before his counselling started. Coatney argued that he was making improvements and takes full responsibility for his actions.

Gormley’s probation officer and the woman who oversees his treatment both testified at the sentencing, saying that he has been making great progress, and he’s been fulfilling the requirements of the program.

Gormley is now set free in February 2019, and was put on probation again for 5 years.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:56 pm

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