In a recent interview Big Sean mentioned feeling pressured to take care of his family/the ones around him. A man referenced this and stated how the pressure of being the backbone of the family and the main bread winners is destroying men, the man was reminded by people that Black Women are actually the main bread winners in households. 

In a recent interview with Joe Budden, Big Sean spoke about the pressure he felt providing for his family and those around him and sparked a discussion. 

A lot of men listened and took to social media to agree with what he said, stating that they feel pressure to become sole providers for their families and it’s destroying a lot of them.

Many people found issue with this stating that it simply isn’t true and a delusion, and that men actually do the minimum statistically speaking, while on top of that the women do the household work and more. 

They also argued that men only argue about patriarchy when it blows up in their faces, and they’re individually unable to participate in it. 

Here’s one take someone had:

A lot of people argued that if this were true, then the statistics would match men actually doing most of the work, and that the only reason men are feeling that way is because they’re sad they can’t participate, and not mad at the actual patriarchy.

A lot of people also argued that if men are feeling pressure, why aren’t they the breadwinners and why isn’t the pressure working?

Here are some of the responses:


Updated: February 20, 2020 — 11:24 am

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