A man was reportedly badly beaten outside a movie theater for leaking Avengers Endgame spoilers.

It’s reported that the incident happened in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

A photo of a man sitting on the ground bloodied up has been going viral.

The movie was released on April 24th in countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Taiwan.

According to Taiwanese Media, the man had reportedly just finished watching the movie, and when he came out he started yelling huge parts of what happened in the movie to a group of people who were waiting their turn to watch.

When he shouted the spoilers, it’s reported that a few people left the group and badly beat him, leaving him bloodied on the floor as medics came to his aid.

Those who commented on the picture said things like “He got what he deserved” and that they were “Happy to see this”.

Many people came forward to say that they were there when it happened, and also remember a man screaming out spoilers.

The Russo Brothers, the producers of the movie have asked those who’ve seen the Endgame not to spoil the movie.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:44 pm

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