An Indiana man has contacted the police to lodge a complaint on Monday against his crack cocaine dealer after they threatened him for no paying a debt.

Kenneth Dewayne Woods, 62, lodged complaints to the police after he accrued a dept of of $400. He told police that his crack cocaine dealers are after him, and are threatening to run him out of town.

According to police records, Woods told police he:

bought some crack cocaine over a period of time on credit’ 

He continued by telling police that now his Crack cocaine dealers have put an interest on his crack, and his debt has now risen to $500. The police report also states that his crack dealer, who’s a woman, who’s also in business with her brother, will both “Vandalize his car”, and the boyfriend of the crack dealer threatened to kick his door down and kill him if he doesn’t pay.

The Narcotics Joint Task force is now investigating the crack dealers, saying that “the area of Evansville” is affluent in drug crimes.

A police spokesperson said

‘It’s an ongoing [issue] in that neck of the woods,’ 

The buyer who reported them is also certainly in police custody, as the purchase and consumption of crack cocaine is illegal.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:56 pm

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