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Man Catches his wife Cheating on him on Google Maps Street View while trying to find Directions.

A Peruvian man has filed for divorced after he caught his wife cheating on him.

The Peruvian man was researching directions for the best path to take to a popular bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru. When the man clicked Street View of an area, his wife was sitting on a bench having an intimate moment with another man, clear as day on Google Maps.

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The man said he noticed that she was wearing similar clothes that he had seen on his wife, and when he looked a little closer, he saw that it was her, here are the images

The man confronted his wife with all the evidence he found against her, and as she couldn’t deny it, she confessed that she had been having an affair.

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The man took to facebook to post about the affair his wife was having and shared the pictures of her. The commenters of the post wrote “it’s a small world” and started to berate the woman.



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