A man was arrested after he sucked an elderly woman’s toes in the hospital, he tells a story about how he dropped his cellphone.

A hospital worker in Florida was arrested after getting caught with a patient’s toes in his mouth.

Frantz Beldorin, 23, was charged Tuesday with battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

The victim stated that Beldorin was serving as a “sitter” for her hospital roommate when the incident happened.

She was sleeping on a hospital bed at Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers, when she says she felt her feet touched several times. She says she then felt something wet around her toes.

When the woman looked over the third time, she saw Beldorin down on his knees, bent over toes. She says when she pulled her toes away he went back to his chair. 

She says at first she believed it was the other nurses touching her toes to check for swelling on her foot.

After she alerted a nurse he was taken into custody moments later, but told police it was all a misunderstanding, and that he dropped his cellphone.

“I dropped my phone under the bed and as I’m trying to get my phone and she kicks. She’s afraid and we’re in the dark. It’s a dark room with a dark male at the foot of her bed. I can understand.”

Beldorin says the arrest cost him his job and reputation. 

Updated: February 27, 2020 — 11:41 pm

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