Man accused of Dipping his Balls in Customer’s Salsa.

After video is uploaded, a man was arrested for dipping his testicles in a customer’s salsa.

A delivery driver was accused of having a passenger dip his nutsack into a man’s salsa that he ordered along with some Mexican food.

The Tennessee man was jailed on felony charges.

31-year-old Howard Matthew Webb was arrested last week and charged with adulteration of food.

The driver uploaded video of a friend sitting in the passenger seat, removing his meat, and taking out his balls, then dipping his balls right inside of the salsa swirling it around, as the driver says:

“This is what you get when you give an 89 cents tip for an almost 30-minute drive.”

Here’s the video,

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Local woman April M. Pennington told the Times that she saw the footage through a Facebook group chat where the other group members were enjoying the balls being dipped, and she had the sense to report it to the driver’s employer, Dinner Delivered.

Dinner Delivered general manager Aliyah Wilson, issued a statement apologizing to the customer, saying they’ve fired the driver in the video. They also issued a refund for the tainted food.

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The delivery service also forwarded the driver’s information to police.

Webb is currently locked up and will remain behind bars pending a March 12 hearing.


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