A male student was arrested after he and a female teacher had a full blown fistfight in class.

A fight was caught on camera at Iroquois High School as students fled the classroom.

Jefferson County Public School officials have confirmed they’ve launched an investigation into the fight which occurred at 1.45 PM in an English class.

The student, Kamron Jennings told WDRB news that the fight started when she told him to put away his cellphone:

“She was like, ‘Put your phone up.’ And I said ‘My phone is not bothering anybody. Why do I have to put it up?’ She said ‘It’s bothering me.'”

Jennings then explained that both he and the teacher exchanged insults, calling each other “B*tches”.

Jennings then said:

“We just kept going back and forth, and she said ‘I will throw you’re [sp] little ass out this window, She said ‘Come here, and I’ll do it’ So that’s when I walked up to her.

Jennings was arrested and released from Jefferson County Youth Detention Monday evening.

Superintendent Marty Pollio told reporters:

“I’m very concerned. We’re right now concerned about the school itself. Obviously, we’re investigating that situation and going to take action on that but also going to respond to the school as a whole and make some necessary adjustments in order to correct this.” 

Kamron Jennings’ mother, Kenyatta Jennings told WDRB news:

“You don’t attack a child like that. Yes, he was wrong. He hit her, yes, and I got on him for that … but there is a protocol they are supposed to follow when you are dealing with a disruptive student. Why didn’t you follow your protocol?”

Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis told reporters:

“Regardless of the context, what we saw in that video should never happen in any Kentucky public school classroom. There is never, never, under any circumstances is it OK for us to fight a student.”

When asked whether the teacher should lose her job, Lewish told reporters:

“It’s too early for that we have to let the investigation play itself out.”

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:53 am

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