M.I.A shares that they forced her to vaccinate her child in the past before school started, and that she’d rather die when the COVID19 vaccine comes out. 

M.I.A came forward to give her opinion on the Corona Virus and told fans to relax and they’ll be just fine.

She stated that she’s an anti-vaxxer and was forced to vaccinate her son before he was admitted to school.

She said if a vaccine was developed for Corona Virus she’d rather die than take it, and that she’s an adult now so no one can stop her.

Here’s her posts on Twitter:

(There are some people who believe the government is trying to insert a chip in you when you getting tested, which is why she mentioned “chip”)

Fans continued to try talk to her about what vaccines do and why they’re necessary, but she thought they were trying to “cancel” her and stated:


Updated: April 9, 2020 — 2:19 am

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