Lizzo shared that she recently felt bad about her body, started feeling disgusting about her looks. She shared more posts today about detoxing/detox products and people are mad.

The Fat positivity movement has looked to Lizzo as a leader, though she tried to separate herself from that a few times, stating that she’s just a woman who’s fat, and implied she’s not an activist.

Over the years she shared body positive posts and posts about loving herself out loud, the fat positivity movement built on that and she was seen as an icon.

In recent days she started having doubts about her body.

Here’s one of the posts she made a few days ago:

There are people in the body positivity community that feel it’s an attack on being fat when you post about detoxing, because they believe detox products are unhealthy/detox products don’t do anything for the body but promote that being “fat” is a bad thing.

Here are the posts Lizzo made on ig and some of the reactions:


Updated: December 14, 2020 — 7:49 pm

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