A black teen has caught her mother’s boyfriend in the act.

The teen’s mother’s boyfriend may been sexually harassing for a long time.

People are saying the girl took the video because the mother did not believe her or would not have believed her. She wanted to have definite proof.

The video is said to be too graphic so it won’t be shown.

The video is currently going viral online, and is bringing attention to child sexual abusers in families and the community.

The video has just been recently been posted online, and people are hoping that the video would gain traction so that the man in the video is brought to justice, and have him removed from the community and placed in jail.

The video was uploaded by someone online today, but information about the girl, where she’s from, and who’s in the video wasn’t posted.

Anyone with information on who the man is asked to call 911 to make sure the man is apprehended, as it is common for families to ignore abuse.

UPDATE: The information has been posted, and the man has been arrested 2 days ago.

The underaged girl told the police that she had been inside the home with Darnell Morgan when he began touching her inappropriately. The man lifted her shirt and started rubbing her chest and stomach area. He then proceeded to lick her belly button area and rubbing her ankle police say.

Here is his mugshot.

The police reported that the girl tried to leave the room, but he wouldn’t let her. The man began kissing the teen on her mouth, and asked her if she was going to tell her mother.

She told police that she once again told the man that she needed to leave, and he drove her to work.

On the way to work, the teen said that Darnell Morgan kept grabbing her thighs, rubbing her in places and touching her inappropriately.

Morgan was taken into custody on Monday and charged with solicitation of a minor and sexual battery.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:53 pm

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