Fans are complaining about Summer Walker being late for her concert for about 3-4 hours while live posting for fun on ig, and then performing for 45 minutes. Others are making fun of Summer Walker fans, making memes of them. Summer tries to explain what happened and speaks and later brings up Suicide.

Summer Walker fans often complain about the way her concerts are. Most of the time they say she barely performs and leaves, or she has does mediocre performance.

Summer often explains that a lot of what happens is because of her anxiety. 

Most of the time fans understand, but this time they’re very angry they had to wait a long time again, this time some reported up to 3-4 hours of wait time.


Summer Walker then tried to explain what happened though fans were still not feeling it:

“Draaaaaake. B*tch. I’m about to tell you about it so you can really get the story because y’all are disrespectful. By the time I get to the venue, I have ten minutes to get my makeup done. I go on stage when I’m told to go on stage. I didn’t know I was late. I didn’t know if I was early. When they come get me in my dressing room, that’s when I get on stage. I was sitting in the back like a creep. Drake told me he was going to come to my show. I told him don’t come because I suck. I literally told that man don’t come while y’all are saying I just wanted to hang out with Drake. He comes. Very grateful. Very very nice man. The things is we only spoke for two minutes. So how the f*ck I miss four hours—I’m four hours late for a show from hanging out with Drake when I only had a two minute conversation with him? How does that work? We exchange about two sentences and then they said, ‘Summer, it’s time to go on stage.’ I did what I was supposed to do. If I had of known that muhf*ckas was waiting outside for fours hours, I would have said, ‘Ayyee Bruh, I really apologize.’ But there was nothing to explain because I didn’t know what the f*ck was going on. Nobody was running around the city with Drake. I have a man a whole man and he’s crazy. He don’t even let muhf*ckas talk to me, breathe on me.

The reason y’all was even waiting on me was because Toronto’s borders are out of this f*cking world. They held my truck up with my band equipment. They held all that sh*t up at the border for mad long that I didn’t even know about until today. So how we gon play a show with no drums and no pics and guitars. It’s out of my control. But y’all too busy talking about I’m running around sucking Drake’s d*ck.

I cannot even accept an award in peace. When you actually see me get my award and you see how I spoke on that stage. Bitch, look I sounded slow. I was scared. I was scared, okay? Everybody else gave a long ass speech. I didn’t because I have social anxiety. I was scared as f*ck. Then, everybody decided to say it was an act. ‘Oh, it’s an act. B*tch, you’re dragging it.’ I just want to let y’all know—not me b*tch because I’m living a great life—but this is how people commit suicide, okay? When people tell you what’s literally going on with them and then people still continue to bully them. Like Wendy f*cking P. Williams, that bad built b*tch. I don’t understand how she could ev-er, looking how she looking. Let me stop. Because I didn’t come on here to spread negativity. I just came on here to explain myself.”


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:51 am

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