LaMelo’s new teammate is 7’7. Yes he’s real, yes this video is real. You need to watch him in action.

LaMelo ball has a new teammate at SPIRE, and he’s 7’7.

Robert Bobroczky is a Romanian basketball player for the SPIRE Institute near Geneva, Ohio. He stands at 7’7.

LaMelo Ball has recently been accepted back into highschool, and will be going to SPIRE Institute, where his new teammate will be Bobroczky. Here’s a video of Brobroczky in action,

Robert has been a subject to medical testing his entire life because of his height. And research has proven that his height is not due to any type of hormonal disease at all, and is simply due to genetics. It’s his normal genetic height.

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Here’s another video shows him in his daily life,

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