Jill Scott’s name is trending after a verified user implied she wasn’t attractive. Jill Scott also responded today.

A lot of people who have taste can agree that Jill Scott’s appeal is other-wordly, and she’s simply beautiful.

Other people’s tastes unfortunately go as far as Instagram models and that’s it, which is fine.

But there’s a problem when people who only like certain body types call out other people’s tastes and put down certain women.

Kyle Quiero, a verified Twitch gamer with enough followers on Twitter to drag someone, thought he could tear Jill Scott down by implying she wasn’t attractive. Here’s the tweet:

He then started deleting his tweets after people started bullying him for his own looks on all his photos and tweets:

We were about to screenshot all the funny insults that were said about his photos but he locked his account after getting bullied so much and we can’t access it right now:

Retweets with comments are people who quoted the tweet with their own reply, and when the more there’s a distance between the Retweets with comments and the “Likes”, the more you’re getting dragged, in other words in this case it means absolutely no one agreed with him.


Jill Scott responded today saying:



Updated: July 11, 2020 — 3:16 pm

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