It’s being reported that Kodak Black was handcuffed and badly beaten by multiple guards and was touched in his private parts.

Kodak Blacks team took to his IG and alleged that they’ve received word he was victim to a beating.

His team stated that they’ve received word from other inmates about what happened, and they couldn’t get Kodak on the phone himself because he isn’t allowed visitation or phone time.

Kodak is being held at Max Penitentiary Big Sandy KY.

Here’s what his team posted to IG:

Kodak was sentenced to 4 years in prison for Federal Weapons charges.

He’s also remains under indictment for a sexual assault case from 2016, the case has repeatedly been delayed, but he faces up to 30 years for the crime if convicted.

Because of types of things Kodak says and accuses people of, though he’s getting support a lot of people are saying he either deserves it, or they’re looking the other way.

Especially because of the charges of the assault on the woman.

People are also calling Kodak Black a “snitch”, ironically because he recently called NBA Youngboy a snitch recently:

Kodak has also constantly put Black Women down in his lyrics, interviews, or on his social media posts, so a lot are looking the other way as well. 

Updated: May 3, 2020 — 6:10 pm

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