Kodak Black made fun of Lupita Nyongo’s skin, and uplifted Zendaya.

Kodak Black is under fire after showing his colorism again.

A lot of people had forgiven him before because they believed “people change with time”, but he continues to repeat himself.

In a few songs Kodak Black implied dark skin black women are ugly, stating things like:

“I don’t need a dark b*tch, I’m already black”

He also stated in an interview that he doesn’t find black women attractive, and wouldn’t date any.”

Kodak has also called his own dark skin ugly in the past.

His Black fans nevertheless continue to support him, while in other cultures once something like these are said about the culture’s women, the person who said it would be seen as pathetic by the community. 

Fans say only in the black community do we allow artists to make fun of black women.

Fans are now mad that he implied Lupita Nyongo looks like him because of his dark skin, while calling Zendaya “Bae”:



Updated: March 26, 2020 — 5:17 pm

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