Kanye West, Slavery was Just a Choice Ambassador, after the immense support he has given to Trump and riling up the far right, and gaining endorsements from MAGA and KKK members, and personally and actively meeting up with people who’ve been known to be Anti-Black and racist, now says he’s been used.

Kanye West took to twitter today to say he’s done with politics after being “used” to promote beliefs he didn’t believe in. He first started out by talking about his personal beliefs.

After doing damage for nearly 2 years, and riling up far right, alt right, KKK, other anti black and racist groups, and endorsing and promoting a president that has done damage to people of color, lgbt and minority communities, Kanye West is now safely pulling back and focusing on his Music and clothing line that people will continue to support, as if nothing happened.


Updated: October 30, 2018 — 11:04 pm

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