Kanye says Drake called to Threaten him. Says Drake had XXXTentacion killed, & if he dies, It’s Drake.

Kanye took to twitter today to rant about the beef between him and drake.

A few months ago Kanye took to twitter to clear up some thing between Drake and himself. He said that he had nothing to do with the Pusha T driss tracks, even though Drake believed otherwise. And that he wanted to talk to Drake to clear things up, because he’s worried. Drake responded with purple emojis,

Today, apparently Drake sent him a clearance request for “Say What’s Real”

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He then went on a rant, where it lead into him saying Drake has threatened his life. He mentioned xxxtentacion, because there’s a rumor that went around saying that Drake is the one for xxxtentacion’s death, and put a hit on X.

He then posts that Drake finally called him, and at first things seem to have gone his way,


Here’s part of the rumor,

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Here’s when XXXTentacion says Drake would be the one who killed him the year he died,

Here’s a line in one of Drake’s songs that further pushed the rumor,

Here’s a video that went more into the rumor and broke it down,

Kanye continues,

He’s referencing this again, when Pusha T got attacked on stage and his people beat the boy who attacked him,

Pusha Blamed drake for that,

Kanye Continues,


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