Kanye West is still running for president for some reason and he’s going viral for some of the things he’s saying at his rally.

Kanye West held his first presidential rally at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Some people said they went there just to get a laugh but others were apparently serious.

The event was about an hour long, and was mostly nonsense about his political stance.

One of the things that caught people’s attention was him saying Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, but instead made them go work for other white people. Here’s the video:

During the rally Kanye asked people if they had any questions so he could piggyback off of them and give his stance. A woman stated that she believes social media is brain washing children.

From that, Kanye want on a small rant about prescription drugs and how they were altering society’s perception of reality.

He then went on to boast about his “IQ of 132”, and how he had to go to the hospital because “my brain was too big for my skull.”

Updated: July 19, 2020 — 9:40 pm

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