The Judge who presided over the Botham Jean murder trial responded to the backlash over her hugging Amber Guyger.

District Judge Tammy Kemp spoke to the Associated Press and told them she “would not” and “could not” refuse to give a hug to Amber Guyger who was hurting inside.

People who watched the trial found it unprofessional for Kemp to give a hug to Guyger, who murdered Botham Jean in his apartment after she received a sentence of just 10 years.

She also said she found nothing wrong with showing compassion and giving Guyger a bible.

Kemp said:

“I’m surprised that people think that hug was somehow detrimental. Had you witnessed the person who was hurting as Miss Guyger was, I don’t know a person who would have denied her that human contact.”

Kemp said she embraced Guyger because Guyger was hurting, but people are saying judges are supposed to be unbiased, or in the very least not show compassion or empathy to a convicted murderer, whether or not the murderer felt bad.

Kemp continued:

“And she asked me if I thought her life could still have purpose, and I said absolutely. And then she requested of me, a hug. And, I‘m embarrassed to say, I didn’t say yes right away. She asked me a second time and between those asks, I was reminded about my responsibility to show love and compassion.”

“She asked me if I thought that God could forgive her, and I said, ‘Yes, God can forgive you and has”

“If she wanted to start with the Bible, I didn’t want her to go back to the jail and to sink into doubt and self-pity and become bitter. Because she still has a lot of life ahead of her following her sentence and I would hope that she could live it purposefully.”

A video going viral on social media shows the Judge’s facial expression during Joshua Brown’s testimony, and words she mumbled to herself as he asked to take a moment to himself, here’s the video:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:57 am

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